Car Disposal Melbourne

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Your search for a Melbourne car disposal service is over. Old Cars Removed is one of the city’s most experienced operators when it comes to .car disposal Melbourne

wide. So call us any day of the week to get a quote!

We know that parting with a car isn’t always easy.

In fact, research shows that we tend to become emotionally attached to our car or feel like they’re ‘old friends’, especially if it’s our first one or when we have many memories associated with it.

When your car comes to its end of life, however, and it’s really time to let it go, Old Cars Removed will make it easy for you. With instant cash and fast free removal, we’re here to make the process of cars disposal in Melbourne a breeze.

Whether your vehicle is a rust bucket, been damaged beyond repair or simply won’t start anymore, contact us and we’ll remove it with the aid of a tow truck from our special fleet.

Our car disposal Melbourne operation will offer you anything from a few hundred dollars up to $7500. It all comes down to the make, model and condition it’s in. The best news is you won’t have to pay money for it to be removed.

The natural choice for Melbourne cars disposal.

Many people wonder what happens with the old cars, trucks, vans or utes we take away.

You might be happily surprised to know that even when your car is no longer useful, many of its parts can be dismantled and recycled for spare parts.

Old Cars Removed is delighted to be one of the auto recycling industry’s longest operators, doing our bit to help the environment. So help us spread the word about our Melbourne cars disposal. service.