Best Junk Car Removal Solution – Help the CFA

Your Junk Car Removal Could Help Save a Life


Have an unwanted, damaged car that needs removal? If so, consider investing in our junk car removal service. Here at Old Cars Removed, we not only provide cash for junk vehicles but also supply these used vehicles to the CFA for their training purposes.

The CFA is one of the world’s most renowned volunteer emergency services and community safety organisations. The organisation is responsible for prevention and control of fires in country Victoria and outer Melbourne. Attending emergencies like road accidents, chemical spills, search and rescue, and fire preparedness and community education are all roles the CFA undertakes.

Old Cars Removed is fortunate enough to work in conjunction with the CFA, aiding them with their ‘Jaws of life’ training – a method in which old junk vehicles are used to demonstrate how to free people from trapped cars following road accidents. By selecting Old Cars Removed to relieve you of your junk car, you too can contribute to the CFA’s attempt to save lives!




No matter what make, year or condition, Old Cars Removed will gladly provide their services – hassle free! Providing junk car removal for residential and commercial locations within Melbourne. Why allow your old vehicle to sit their and collect rust?! Instead, invest in Old Cars Removed and not only collect cash for your junk car but also perform a good deed and aid CFA training by providing them with a vehicle.


Still on the fence about selling your old junk car? The following reasons may convince you!

  • You can no longer afford to maintain your old vehicle and have no reason to given that it is not used.
  • You no longer have space for your old car after purchasing a new vehicle.
  • Your old car may be an obstruction with the potential to cause an accident.
  • You have tried to sell your old vehicle but are gauging zero interest.
  • You’re desperate for some extra cash.
  • Your junk car will help the CFA better educate and train their volunteers, which will increase their confidence and capability in dealing with a real-life situation they may face in the future.


Regardless of your reasoning, Old Cars Removed will meet your needs and remove your unwanted vehicle in an Eco-Friendly manner – in fact, more than 80% of our car scraps are recycled strictly adhering to EPA norms.

With over 30 years experience in the industry, Old Cars Removed is focused on car recycling and being environmentally friendly! If you’re interested in our services and helping your local CFA please Call Us on 0425 702 776 or Contact Us for an online quote.



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