Car Removal Melbourne

Free Car Removal in Melbourne

Old Cars Removed is a car removal Melbourne business that has the experience and know how to ensure you get top dollar for your old car.

Not only will we remove your scrap car – usually within 24 hours – we’ll offer you financial compensation on the spot! You can nab anywhere up to $7500, depending on the model and condition of your car.

Let’s repeat that. With our Melbourne car removal service, we’ll offer YOU immediate cash for removing your:

  • old car, truck, van or ute – in any condition
  • damaged car
  • wrecked car
  • smashed car
  • mechanically-faulty car
  • unwanted car.

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No doubt your scrap vehicle is cluttering your yard and creating a visual hazard. We’re delighted to help people get rid of cars they no longer want.

In fact, after 30 years in the field, we know what a huge relief it is when you can finally part with your old car. To get paid premium prices for it is a fantastic bonus.

For car removals in Melbourne, you can’t go past Old Cars Removed. One of our friendly team will assist you to get your vehicle off your property quickly, efficiently and stress-free.

The best thing is when you support the car recycling Melbourne industry, you’re being a champion for the environment. Help future generations by buying auto parts responsibly.