Car Recycling Melbourne

Car Recycling Melbourne Specialist

The car recycling Melbourne industry is booming and is best described as ‘the art of dismantling vehicles for spare parts’.

When cars are no longer useful, dismantling and recycling them is important as they become a source of spare parts.

Just as importantly, auto recycling plays a vital part in helping the environment by keeping end-of-use cars out of landfills – and saving on energy and resources.

So if you’ve ever wondered what to do with your car when it no longer runs like a dream and it’s time to move on, get in touch with a Melbourne car recycler such as Old Cars Removed.

We are trusted leaders in car recycling Melbourne-wide.

We know inside out the complex process of shredding cars and recovering as many parts as possible for recycling. These parts can include radiators, batteries, aluminium, wiring and PVC.

When it comes to spare auto parts, we find some of the most popular items are car seats, wheels, rims and tyres, windows, gear boxes and head lights.

At all stages of the process, Old Cars Removed treats the removal of any hazardous waste or contaminants extremely seriously, in line with the most stringent standards.

Why Melbourne car recycling is a win all round.

The auto vehicle recycling industry generates some great benefits. As a consumer, you can save loads of money by buying quality used parts.

Contact Old Cars Removed to find out more about price, availability and our safe, fit-for-purpose second-hand parts for your vehicle. Our friendly team will give you expert advice on reusing recycled spare parts and answer any other questions you have.

Whether you’re looking for an older car part or a part that’s no longer available new, we have on site a huge range of recycled parts. It’s quick and easy to check whether we have your part in stock.

The best thing is when you support the car recycling Melbourne industry, you’re being a champion for the environment. Help future generations by buying auto parts responsibly.